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Ground Handling Agents

Ground Handling Agents

Jet Concepts provides world class ground handling services - an integral part of Indian aviation industry. The different operational areas dealt under ground handling deal with load control, passenger services, ramp services, mail and cargo services, flights and communication operation, supervision and representation services. We are also striving to evolve the aviation industry further through improvisation in safety and ground handling through the incorporation of global solutions.

Over the past years, more and more airlines have started to outsource the ground handling process. This has also added more stakeholders into the airlines industry. Hence, it’s the goal of Jet Concepts to create smooth communication in between the airports, ground handling agents, and standardization bodies and aircraft manufacturers. The safety standards for ground operations have also increased.

At Jet Concepts, we make sure that every minute detail of Cabin service, catering, ramp service, passenger service and field operation services are not ignored. Hence, we have employed highly professional ground handling agents for quality, accuracy and proficiency.

We also have sophisticated motorized vehicles and highly technical equipments for mobile and fixed ground handling. Any type of passenger aircraft or cargo carrier can be serviced by the ground handling agents of Jet Concepts. We take care of every process from flight arrival to departure, dealing from loading and unloading the baggage of the passengers, mails and cargos within the tight schedule.

The Unit Load Devices normally used for customer airlines are tracked, recorded and stored through ground handling agents of Jet Concepts. Tools like Sophisticated Baggage Reconciliation are incorporated for ensuring the accuracy for loading and unloading of passenger’s baggage. Safety and on time performance is given more importance. Our team members at Jet Concepts are trained comprehensively for handling the equipments and the technology is constantly upgraded to meet the demands of time.

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