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Slots and Parking Permits

Slots and Parking Permits

Jet Concepts approves the parking slot allocations before the advent of commercial operating activities. It is ensured that rules Indian civil aviation authority is followed. We provide

Discrepancies are checked through constant and thorough slots monitoring from time to time. We also make sure that spot closures during the airline activity time are known before hand. With expansion and growth of airline activity in double digits, it is necessary to be in tandem with the upcoming pressures and challenges.

We, at Jet Concepts, also take care of submitting the details of registration mark and aircraft type. The application submission is so flawless that there is no need to worry about any further changes.

The planned arrival and departure time of the aircraft is also clearly mentioned. Jet Concepts also makes sure that the slots are not used significantly in a different manner as they have been allotted to.

Here at Jet Concepts, we make sure that there is no overlapping in parking slots. Exact and detailed information of the registration mark are defined. We make sure that off- slot operations of other aircrafts do not interfere with parking rules, especially during the peak hours.

Also, often it’s quite challenging to obtain permits due to the official requirement of time demanded for acquiring it. Jet Concepts understands these requirements, differing from airport to airport, country to country and makes the right decisions.

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