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Airport Supervision

Airport Supervision

Jet Concepts prides itself in monitoring and airport supervision services. Our supervisory services are tailored and customized according to the customer. Maximum assistance quality is assured through supervision of flight handling. Our approach dealing with valuing people has taken us to such high standards.

We ensure well chalked out planned working, day to day operations of staffs, continuity of operations and immediate response to the emergencies. We also focus on negotiation of ground handling contracts and providing perfect assistance in ramp supervision and catering.

Safe aircraft turnaround time is ensured through swift and perfect ramp activities. In case of delays we also provide full support services to the passengers. At Jet Concepts, operations are coordinated at ground level through constant liaison with the airport handlers, local and police authorities.

We also handle overbookings and special requests along with hotel and car reservations.

After the flight departure, we also involve in post flight reporting and compiling of the statistical reports. We ensure that a user friendly interface is maintained with the airport authorities.

Supervision done by Jet Concepts also deals with monitoring boarding activities, fuelling and catering. Thus, we provide highly technical and professional functions in airport supervision.

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