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At Jet Concepts, we understand the value of providing top notch catering services. The vital ingredient in everything we do includes our own enthusiasm for world class service and great sense of hygiene.

Our food and beverages are not just delicious but are also provided with delicate personal touch. Everything from preparation of food, assembling in-flight dishes, planning the logistics of food delivery to cleaning and storage of in-flight utensils is done by us.

Our fine dining dishes are freshly prepared. We make sure that the meals are properly frozen and heated on the ground before the take off takes place. This is because the taste of food is altered at higher altitudes and it might make the food flavourless and dry.

Also, every beverage mentioned in the menu is available. We take particular care of the different food requirements, be it vegetarian, non- vegetarian and at times, vegan. At Jet Concepts, it is carefully assured that halaal meat is preferred for our passengers. We also provide alternative meals for those passengers who have restrictive diets.

We are also working on further specializing our meal quality by including cultural diets, religious diets, medical diets and even baby food.  Also, quality and availability of other non-food items such as condiments including sugar, pepper and salt are also maintained.

We also specialize in providing both quality and quantity of meals at the right time. In the economy class, Jet Concepts will be perfect in providing simple meals while in the first class travel, we also specialize in providing seven course meals.

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