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Passenger and Crew Hotel, Transport and Security

Passenger and Crew Hotel, Transport and Security

Jet Concepts does a perfect job in connecting the airline crews with instant accommodation. It is assured that the layover experience of the crew is comfortable. This comfort level is assured that both scheduled and non-scheduled operations.

We make sure that we are able to handle every detail from regular passengers to VIP assistance. This is done in a very professional and efficient manner. We assist the passengers in

We study the requirement of the airline, both in terms of its passengers and crew from before. Our state of art technology helps in getting perfect logistical details and understanding of every minute detail. Along with it, we also do local research of the nearby markets and hotels. This helps the passengers and crew to further explore the place on their own. But before including any hotel or market place in our itinerary, we do regular site inspections.

At Jet concepts, we make sure that details like average rate of rooms, the comparative savings, lodging history and customized data reports are taken seriously. Also, we maintain the security of both the crew and the passengers.

Here at Jet Concepts, a lot of importance is given on building trust which is considered as our biggest asset.

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