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Visa Information and Arrangements

Visa Information and Arrangements

At Jet Concepts, we realize how important it is to get the right documents in place for visa processing. Also, it can be a very tricky business. Hence, our services deal with providing both the crew and the passengers with the right set of documents.

Two important details play an integral role in visa information and arrangement. Firstly, the category of visa that has to be applied. There are different types of visa like student visa, tourist visa, research visa, business visa, work visa, etc. Also, the cost of visas differs for different visas along with the time taken to process them. Secondly, every country has its own regulations. Few countries have special privileges for a particular union of countries and thus, their citizens do not need visa for entry. While, for other countries, the visa regulations are different. Hence, it is very important to know these differences because cancellation of visa on the passport can give wrong impressions in the future.

Several travel documents like bank statements, valid passport, identity proof, invitation letter are necessary for visa processing. Few countries have very interactive online application system for visas while most of the countries demand face-to-face appointments. All these processes demand a lot of planning and investment of time.

Thus, at Jet Concepts, we arrange the respective visas for the crew and passengers in a swift manner. We also provide the details of every step taken with regards to obtaining the visa. We understand the value of hard earned money and time of our customers and thus, we provide the very best services for them.

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